Music has been in me for as long as I can remember. I didn’t have the discipline for piano, but at age ten my parents gifted me my first instrument: a clarinet that became my gateway to falling in love with sound.

Over the last twenty years I’ve moved between many instruments. Somewhere along the way, I picked up guitar and learned how to let my voice sing. Music is everywhere, all the time. I’m continually in love with learning how to hear it.

In 2015, I founded The Seventh String. Our debut album Off To Starboard was released in 2018. My organizing work is privileged to be rooted in and accountable to a network of beloved humans in Austin, Texas who organize under names like Undoing White Supremacy Austin and Grassroots Leadership. These days I keep my fans fed with musical & life updates over on Patreon, and working on releasing my debut solo album RAINBOW SHADOWS, dropping November 2021.

The Seventh String

Off To Starboard

The Seventh String

A love letter to planet Earth, The Seventh String's studio debut is a showcase of modern singer-songwriting, traditional music, and earthy a cappella ballads. Featuring four new songs from writing duo Stellar and Laura, haunting tunes from 1600s Scotland and 1800s America, and new takes of early band favorites, "Off to Starboard" defies a single genre and demonstrates the trio's broad capacity to make music that lifts the human heart.
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    Gulls 3:53
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