Austin-based transcendental folk artist Stellar weaves unflinchingly introspective singer-songwriting with the urgent calls to action of classic counter-cultural folk music. Their 2018 album Off To Starboard with The Seventh String is a love letter to planet Earth, water, and the unfettered power of femme folk to change where the winds blow. Their upcoming solo debut, Rainbow Shadows, is a manifesto of clear-eyed fury and compassion, a message in a bottle filled with uprising, ancestry, love, hope and resilience. 

Rooted in early influences Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman, Stellar sings with a conviction and joy that helps us remember that the personal is political, oppression must be unlearned, and liberation is for everyone. When they're not singing or playing, Stellar can be found organizing with Austin activists, writing poetry, taking a long view of history, and doing their part to turn the Earth-ship toward a future where all are free.