I've written poetry since I was a child. Someday I'll get them into book form. For now, you can read and receive physical copies on Patreon. I'm also offering custom poems on one of my Kickstarter tiers!


Below is one of my latest, one I wrote during COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020. It's a poem from a future timeline, where humanity has changed the current course of civilization on earth.


seven generations later

k. stellar dutcher, april 2020


we often talk about 
how lost you were 

my brother calls you fools 
my mother laments your greed 
father names you weak and ignorant 

but grandmother remembers 

she remembers how civilization 
crushed you under its steady 
marching feet 
taunting you from birth 
that you were only worth 
what you could produce 
how you were empty, in need of consuming 
shelves stocked with exploitation 
food grown with pollution 
talking heads who forgot they also 
had hearts 
your time spent toiling for survival 
in mines, offices, factories, fields 
trapped in a system not of your making 
built through its creators' forgetting 
of their place in the web 

you were gasping for air 
as the system crushed your lungs 
tied your hands 
froze your hearts 

we're still surprised 
you did it 

we're still surprised 
that when midnight struck 
enough of you remembered 
enough of our humanity 
in time 

no one expected you 
would stop in your tracks 
turn to face the monster 
you had become 
and with ringing voices say 

“no more ~ 
this world is done.” 

through the cracks you made 
at last the light 
rushed in 

little sister can't imagine how you lived 
her tiny brow furrows 
trying to imagine 
working to survive 
crying and dying alone 
being shot in the back 
eating food you didn't grow 
the wealth to heal all the world 
in the hands of four hundred men 
who didn't yet understand 
they could share 

she thinks of this 
shakes her head and says 
“they must have been very unhappy” 
before bouncing away 

i look to the trees, 
silent in their memory. 
yes, they reply, 
unhappy as you won't ever know 

we longed to reach them 
yearned to remind them 
what they had forgotten 

but they shut their ears 
and closed their eyes 
and hardened their hearts 
for five thousand years 

so we joined hands and endured 
while for generations we prayed 
for the redemption 
we could not give them ~ 
no one could. 

they had to make their own.